Marylin Jacobs-As the third generation

It was only natural for her to follow into the family tradition. She has an impressive resume of her own with achievements such as Grand National Twirling Champion and Miss Majorette of America. She received her undergraduate degree from Armstrong. She has also taught many students who have won national and international twirling titles as well as received college scholarships. As the third Marylin in the family business, she has taught dance in Savannah for over 37 year.

Marylin Youmans-Our Founder

When she was introduced to dance as a small child, she found her passion. She trained throughout the country during her prime, making regular trips to NYC. She was one of the original members of Dance Masters of America and recently received a lifetime achievement award. Many of her dancers have won numerous titles and made it to Broadway, but her greatest achievement is sharing with so many the love of dance! She had her studio for 79 years but sadly she left us in 2016 just before her studio celebrated its 80th dance recital in June.

Marylin Daniels-As the only daughter of Ms. Youmans

Marylin Daniels was brought up in the studio but she developed her own personality in the dance world. She has helped the studio grow to hundreds of students and incorporated a competition team as well as included baton twirling. She is a member of Dance Masters of America and a certified National Baton Twirling Association judge. Her students' successes include Miss Dance, PDTA Overall Group Award, DMA Most Entertaining, Miss Savannah, Miss Majorette of America, Grand National Twirling Champion, and World Twirling Champion. She has taught at the studio for 50 years and had run the studio for the past 10 years.